The Desk

  • "The care taker, Sanjeevan Foundation and the Members are experienced enough on their own successful business & management concerns. Board of Directors have affirmative vision and they do believe and often say, success lies in serving honestly not for reward but regard.

    The aim behind is just to, Enlighten the vision......Humanism"

    1Mr. Shashank RastogiChairman
    2Mrs. Vishakha RastogiVice-Chairman
    3Mr. Pramod BallewarDirector
    4Mr. Neelkant KarankalDirector
    5Mr. Subhash JhaDirector
    6Mr. V. K. GovilMember
    7Mr. Javed ChaudharyMember
    8Mr. Mohan SethiaMember
    9Mr. Mayank RastogiMember
    10Mr. Dhruv RastogiMember