Course Details

  • B.Sc. - Nursing

    This is the Six Collage started by Sanjeevan Foundation, with the thought to serve the tribal and backward caste residing in that particular area. Lack of proper job oriented courses issue among the career seeking people. They wear in requirement of such institutes which can provide job oriented courses and training.

    The society decided to explore in the soft service sector and established a nurse training institute hear. It was just to serve the backward community to help their ward in their career goal. The idea transformed into shape and we started a collage named Florence College of Nursing under the banner of Sanjeevan Foundation, which offer basic B.Sc. nursing course for local population.

  • Course Curriculum

    First Year Second Year

    Theory Theory

    1. Anatomy & Physiology 1. Sociology

    2. Nutrition & Biochemistry 2. Medical-Surgical Nursing I

    3. Nursing Foundation 3. Pharmacology, Pathology Genetics

    4. Psychology 4. Communication & Educational Technology

    5. Microbiology 5. Community Health Nursing I

    6. English

    7. Introduction to Computers

    Practical and Viva - Voce Practical and Viva - Voce

    1. Nursing Foundation 1. Medical - Surgical Nursing I

    Third Year Fourth Year

    Theory Theory

    1. Medical Surgical Nursing II 1. Midwifery & Obstetrical

    2. Medical Health Nursing 2. Community Health Nursing II

    3. Child Health Nursing 3. Nursing Research & Statistics

    4. Management of Nursing Service & Education.

    Practical and Viva - Voce Practical and Viva - Voce

    1. Medical-Surgical Nursing I 1. Midwifery & Obstetrical Nursing

    2. Child Health Nursing 2. Community Health Nursing

    3. Mental Health Nursing